Red Cross

A Recruitment Video for the Swedish Red Cross (SoMe)

I was asked to produce a recruitment video for the Swedish Red Cross with the purpose to inspire young people across Sweden to sign up as fearless street- and door-to-door fundraisers. I came up with the concept of creating a film around the keyword #StreetSmart – that is, a signifier that the young person (read potential fundraisers) would feel identified with, and attracted to. In a similar vein, I worked to connect the Red Cross brand with a contemporary aesthetic dimension, and – together with the client – develop and put forward the way in which working for the Red Cross does not only have to mean ‘doing good for others’, but also that which can become a career-relevant experience for the individual in its own right.


Red Cross Sweden.

Production Company


Photo/Phantom Cam Operator

Joachim Thörnqvist.


Rodrigo Ferrada Stoehrel.