Bruden som visste för lite. TV Commercial (Kanal 5)


A TV commercial for the play Bruden som visste för lite, starring Swedish actress Pernilla Wahlgren.


When I was writing the script, the production company and film agency I worked for got a call from the client, saying that the other two leading actors for the play – Peter Magnusson and Martin Björk – could not make it to the recording, so we had to shoot the whole ad with only Pernilla, or cancel.

What did I do?

Improvise. With these current conditions (and an extremely tight budget), I had to reconsider the strategy. First, from here it became clear that it could not be a dialogue-based commercial. Next, to stand out and rise above all the noise, I wrote a new script that focused on portraying the play as a modern cultural experience filled with movement and sensation in order to appeal not only to usual theatre audiences, but also to find new and younger audiences.

The result?

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Production Company

Armstrong Film.


Rodrigo Ferrada Stoehrel.