Strategic and multidisciplinary creative, designer and filmmaker (AD Berghs Professional 2019, Digital Design & Strategy Programme, Berghs 2019-2020), and trained researcher (PhD in Media and Communications, Umeå university 2016).

Why the relation between communication, artistic creation and analytics/in-depth research?
Useful design is, at root, that which helps to tackle a given problem. Hence, here is where strategy comes to play; the explorative and data-driven process which serves to identify a problem and extract insights, and from here producing a base of knowledge in which the visual work – i.e. the communicative solution – resides. It is this mutual exchange, between user- and insight-driven analysis, concept development, prototyping and visual production, which is at the centre of my work.

Please see, home for a sample of commercial works; Instagram for some mixed – also artistic – styles, and academia.edu for a collection of published research articles in international peer-reviewed journals, within the field of visual cultural studies, involving cross-disciplinary subject areas such as psychology, political science and visual rhetoric.

Services which I offer, in brief:
– Art/creative direction.
– Visual design and content production (whole chain of production and post).
– User insight-driven analysis.
– Lecturing and supervision (media and communications, including political communication; discourse theory; critical discourse analysis; text analysis/visual rhetoric; ethnographic research; affect theory).